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Please text us at 303-356-5789
With any delivery service questions...
Here are a few common questions.

NOTE: Text us at (303) 356-5789 if you don't see your property or delivery day, we will see if one of your staff can accommodate your request. We will not delivery alcohol, tobacco or marijuana products as it is against Colorado delivery laws for us and will jeopardize our other business, Apex Mortgage Brokers.

If your delivery date is not showing, we have already booked on that day (or it is a holiday).

• We do NOT make morning deliveries before 4 pm which is the normal check-in time for most properties.
(We are processing your orders during that time of the day).
• We will make 3 grocery delivery attempts, after the 3rd attempt we will cancel your delivery without refund.
(If we unable to reach you or gain access to your rental unit).
In adverse weather/traffic conditions your delivery COULD be delayed outside of your selected time slot.
(We gather your orders ahead of winter storm warnings unlike other "same day" delivery companies which is why we request you place your order in advance).
If avalanches or road closures delay your delivery time, we will credit the difference in delivery time to your card.
(We will not issue a credit the entire delivery reservation charge, only the difference in delivery time).
We will put away food and "Stock" your kitchen during your time if you have not yet arrived and checked in.
(Please let your property management "front desk" company know we have permission to access your rental).
• We can only stock your kitchen after the cleaning staff has left your vacation rental and will not return.
(Unfortunately, in the past we had a situation with a property management's cleaning staff stole the groceries prior to a guest's arrival - in that situation we replaced the food at no charge to the guest).
• We now take photos of the stocked kitchen so you know will know we made the delivery as scheduled.
(We are happy to text the photos to your cell phone).
• We cannot put food away and "stock" your kitchen after you have checked-in.
(Our company insurance wants to make sure there is no chance of any missing personal items).
• Please place your food orders in advance to reduce the number of substitutions & out of stock items. Since we drive over 150 miles to get your food we cannot accept requests made at least 3 days prior to your delivery.
(If we cannot find a substitute for your requested item, we will refund that item's charge back to your credit card.).
• We are an online grocery store that delivers to ski resorts. we do not pick up orders from other stores.
(If you are looking for a just a delivery service you might try the front desk of your vacation rental company).

Last minute "same day and day before" grocery "add on orders" will get cancelled and refunded back to your card. We need to know what groceries we are delivering at least 3 days prior to your arrival.

If you have additional questions about our delivery service, please text us at (303) 356-5789